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Statement of Leonid Chernovetskyi

_DSC4452_ppToday in the media there was a message that the Security Service of Ukraine at the request of the Prosecutor’s office put me on the wanted list!

I’ve never been hiding from law enforcement agencies, and they know perfectly where to find me.

Long ago my lawyers have already provided the Prosecutor’s office with all necessary information about my address.

I, as a lawyer, cannot completely understand why I am put on the wanted list in Ukraine, in country where I do not reside at all!

I have not been to Ukraine for almost 6 years and before announcing me wanted in Ukraine, the Security Service of Ukraine would had to ask the prosecutor’s office and my lawyers – where I am now. Why they search me where I am not in the moment!
I am fully confident that Lutsenko “forgot” to inform the Security Service of Ukraine that he had received official documents about my actual residence several times! Why so thoughtless and senseless are wasted the resources of the country?

Instead of complying with the requirements of the law, the Prosecutor’s office is intentionally postponing the investigation, which has been stopped without any reason, but only for not giving me the opportunity to protect myself from false and groundless accusations!
Fine … I’ll wait a bit, sooner or later all those guilty of my unlawful persecution will be punished legally and severely. In my own lifetime I want to see my homeland, cleared of criminals in uniform, and I will indulge in doing it!

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