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Stepan Chernovetskiy to head the Chernovetskiy Investment Group

I’ve established Chernovetskiy Investment Group to support technological innovations in Ukraine and worldwide, to make an opportunity for young, talented, and ambitious people to translate their ideas into reality and change our world for the better.

When building this investment company I knew it would be very hard for me to manage this kind of business since the technological area is very dynamic. New interesting start-ups make appearance in the market each day, one application is replaced by another more modern and advanced, hence you must be able to keep up with the trends, or better yet, to anticipate them.

Even though our Chernovetskiy Investment Group team was formed by seasoned professionals and people proven by many years of cooperation, to achieve the goals that I have set the project management team needs to have at least one person who thinks, plans and acts like me.

And there is such person; this is my son who will take charge of Chernovetskiy Investment Group as the President of the company from now on.

Stepan has always been my wise counsellor, my formidable opponent in any discussion and simply my reliable partner. I like his approach to business, his responsibility and sense of purpose.

I am sure that the qualities Stepan have inherited and acquired will allow him to worthily carry on the business we have started to replenish portfolio of Chernovetskiy Investment Group with interesting and attractive technological projects from around the globe.

In my turn, I promise to provide my absolute assistance to him and the whole team of CIG!

September 9, 2014

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