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Kiev's 15-51 Call-Centre More Effective in Fighting Corruption Than Any Regulation

The Mayor has told Fakty about the most important results of his work since he took office, as well as about his vision of the city’s future.

It’s been three years since Leonid Chernovetskiy became the mayor of Kiev. It is time to see what has been done.

– Over the last three years, have you been able to accomplish much of what you wanted to do in Kiev?

– When three years ago I first received the support of Kiev residents in elections, I faced strong opposition, especially from district officials who only knew how to take bribes and misappropriate the public assets. So I became a mayor to put things in order. After three years Kiev has become much closer to European standards than it used to be. My team has given the city modern public transport, decent parking facilities, up-to-date medical centres, European-level social security system…

– Putting things in order is a good thing, but how exactly are you going to do it?

– I believe that we need to bring the government closer to people and make it more understandable and transparent. Voters have the right to know and see how the promises they were given are fulfilled, how their complaints are handled.

Therefore, the main success of my team lies in creating such a model of government where the society itself identifies its internal problems and facilitates their resolution. Now there is nothing more intimidating for a corrupt official than an ordinary resident of Kiev who can just call 15-51 and report a case of mistreatment or high-handedness. After that we invite all the offenders and the Call-Centre callers for a live broadcast. I believe that the Call-Centre has been more effective in fighting corruption than any regulation adopted. This practice should be implemented nationwide.

– Will it make the officials work better?

– Of course! Thanks to the transparency of the Kiev authorities, we have been able to implement many social initiatives in a very short time. Over the last three years, several modern medical diagnostic facilities opened in Kiev, including those for children, we actively upgrade the public transport fleet and open new metro stations, there are social programmes for the needy, homeless children, HIV-positive people… Between 2006 and 2009, almost 30,000 families received housing…

Here is my philosophy: I believe that everyone should have an opportunity to realise his or her potential in line with their talents. For me, an ideal society is not a pack of rats, where the strongest survive, but rather an anthill: everyone works, and those who are more successful take care of the needy. Therefore, almost all of our projects are based on shared social responsibility of the government, private sector, NGOs and charity organisations. The idea of social partnership actually works in Kiev, so everyone has a chance for a better life!

On the eve of the Resurrection, I wish all the people of Kiev, all my fellow citizens, to start a better and kinder life with the Easter joy – with love and joy in your heart to all your loved ones!

Ekaterina NOVOSVITNYA, Fakty

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