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Following his tradition, Leonid Chernovetskiy congratulates newlyweds near Georgiy Gongadze monument

On Saturday, January 31, 2009, Kiev Mayor Leonid Chernovetskiy again congratulated newlyweds and had group photos with himself taken near the monument to Georgiy Gongadze. This time, 7 couples were photographed with the mayor and received flowers and valuable gifts from him, said the press office of the Kiev City State Administration.

The Mayor and the newlyweds laid flowers at the monument to Georgiy Gongadze. “I salute to this man, who did a lot for Ukraine. He gave his life so we can live in a free country today,” said the Mayor of Kiev.

After the photo shoot with the newlyweds, Leonid Chernovetskiy traditionally offered two couples to have a ride in his car.

Having a talk with the locals, who came to a nearby park with their children, Kiev Mayor promised to have the playground immediately behind the monument renovated, and to investigate the closure of a childcare centre in the neighbourhood.

In addition, the Mayor said that he had signed a decree to hold a contest for the best design of the memorial in memory of Georgiy Gongadze. The existing monument will be the central element of the memorial. The Mayor said that the first prize for the best project of the sculpture composition, 80,000 hryvnias, would be paid out of his own pocket. “I will do my best to attract as many people to the monument as possible,” the Mayor said.

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