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From the interview to the “Politicheskiy Pasyans” (”Political Solitaire”) broadcast on radio “Kievskiye Vedomosti”

 –       Politics is a game adult people play in, and every game has its own rules…

 -       Speaking of my political career, it is just a beginning. As the rest of people, I am sick of corruption and crime, abuse by the officials and non-transparent decisions made by executive government, and I don’t want to put up with it. My protest is popularization of the normal economy ideas. We can and we have to live better lives as the rest of Europe does. We do not have enough of good reasons to live worse.

 –        In April 1996 you submitted a request to the Parliament to return to the public its pillage. Did you manage to achieve anything?

-       I work very actively on the subject of returning the pillage which the state took from people through the Savings Bank of Ukraine. A very simple draft law was prepared. And though it was approved by the political Right and Left, it was not accepted. Among the members of the former Parliament, unfortunately, we have mostly seen people who did politics, not economics. The declarative decision of the executive government on return of the pillage is just a definition of a problem. A key idea of my proposal was as follows: the Parliament should not rely on the Cabinet of Ministers. It should have taken the issue of pillage return under its own control. In my opinion, the blame is on the Savings Bank which merely destroyed the pillage. And today it is a large profitable bank, and it is obliged to compensate the damage caused to people with its own sources. It is real money which should be given away to real people. I suggest todo the same with the profits of the “Oranta” company. These are both large state institutions which are able to repay its debt to the pensioners, if not paying salaries to miners and teachers. The Cabinet of Ministers did not suggest any other method, whereas the Verkhovna Rada did not appreciate my proposal, unfortunately.

 –       Is there any hope that a new Parliament will be able to solve this issue?

 –       There is no point in criticizing the former Parliament and executive government, but a number of truly incompetent decisions concerning manufacture was made, relationship between government and the entrepreneurs was built completely improperly. Making a speech at the meeting of the President with the deputies I drew specific examples of such decisions and actions. For instance, the Cabinet of Ministers’ resolution regarding the authorized banks, according to which the entire budget would be given to four old banks and only one bank of a “new formation”. What about holding a tender? What about administrative transparency? State government does not need additional funds in terms of the interest rate on the budget service? Such governmental decision is another opportunity to be blamed for corruption! Now, it all depends on the ability of the Verkhovna Rada to abandon its political ambitions, and on the ability of the executive government to provide favorable conditions for the stable economy. Current Parliament counts about one third of the entrepreneurs in comparison to the previous one which had ten of us. And this gives hope.

 We need to reduce taxes ceasing the “tax revolution” which lasts since Ukraine obtained its sovereignty. As a result, the manufacture will expand and the budget will grow which means that wages and pensions will be paid on time. Current problem lies in fast and efficient decision-making and executive government’s professionalism. And once again, speaking of a new Parliament, I think that irrational and corporate-wise legislations which represent the interests of particular official circles will not work.

 –       I want to remind of one of your calls stating that all privileges should be given to teachers, doctors, and scientists…cancelling them for bureaucratic establishment…

 –       Yes, I fight against the privileges for any social layers. It is necessary to pay out wages providing people with an opportunity to spend those money, which at the same time would contribute back to the budget. Only after eliminating privileges we will make our economy transparent and get rid of numerous problems which we discuss today. And for now, when the budget is low, it is necessary to maintain and raise the privileges of our fellow citizens who suffered – Chernobyl and war veterans, disabled and disadvantaged people etc.

 –       Shcherban, Tabachnik, Getman…It seems that we live in times of the American Al Capone. There were two extortion attempts in regard to you and colleagues of the “Pravex-Bank”…Is it even possible to do a safe big business today?

 -       You know, big business, big politics, I would say is a matter of one’s character. Not doing business for a great businessman is the same as not doing politics for a great politician and both equal to ceasing to exist. It would be good if everyone understood it. Either businessmen can get killed or imprisoned they will never stop doing what they do. Really, we live in the times of Chicago in 30’s. And it is not because Ukraine is a bad country or it has a bad government. Indeed, we are going through a certain period which you can read about in history books of many countries. A lesson should be learnt from the history and not from the life.

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