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The book "The Crazy Story" (2017)

Many years I have been haunted by the idea to write a book about my life, complicated and at the same time instructive for thinkers, enriched with many circumstances! This idea has always been on my mind, but there has never been time to stop and summarize, to make it loud and simple! And finally I have time and I am glad that my dream has come true.

"The crazy story" reviews:


Hello, dear Leonid! I’ve read your book with great interest. You know, you have managed to write a book that everyone will read, because you put all your pure soul and that burden of experience into your book that could break many, but not you, it did not break you, and you moved through work, purity, and the desire to be useful to others. Indeed, you truly had to go through many thorns, but God gave you beautiful parents, about whom you wrote so warmly, and the family hearth also supported you. And all of this is the environment where all the stages of your life passed, and no matter where or in which country or state, as you are a spatial person, and your homeland is the whole world and our entire planet called Earth. Being like a door-soul, you wisely, passionately, and purposefully moved through life, and BRAVO that you have partially fulfilled all your karmic tasks, and very soon you will know yourself and get the answer to the question you asked yourself before writing this book. P. S. Your book can be used as a guide. After reading your book, many will want to be like you, as the words that have come down from your mouth and were written by your hands, which look like the confession of your kind generous and tired soul, would reach the hearts of people and know the truth. To live life, it is not enough to be only intelligent or educated, rich or poor, but it is imperative for the person to know him-/herself first, his/her light and darkness and, by giving everyone his/her light, he/she can enjoy, just like, my friend, you are doing it right now. Your way is not the best, it is just different! It is too charming!

How beautiful you wrote, Tamila! Thank you so much!


Dear Leonid Mikhailovich, I’ve just read your new book and really enjoyed it. The third part of the book where you talk about charity and your own charity work was the most exciting for me. Thank you for such an interesting book.

You have a bright future if you appreciated my ideas! Good luck!


I read the book in that proverbial one sitting... So that’s who you are, Mr. Chernovetskyi… Although in the book he suggests trusting no one, I believe he is a good, and indubitably smart at that.

Thanks, Lara!


Having read your book, I regained the hope for a better future; before that, I almost decided to give up on everything, it is very hard to get up after a betrayal, it is very difficult to fight... I am glad that there are such strong people in the world as you, and I wish you all the best!

Dear Babi, thank you very much for such warm words. I am very glad that my book helped you take a new look at your life! You should never give up. Life is not an easy thing, but it is unique and unrepeatable! There are always things for which you have to get up after the fall and go ahead!


Mr. Leonid! I read your book in one breath. I can honestly tell you that you are also a success in literature, a sublime field as it is... The book telling a story of how a person can go through a very difficult childhood and adolescence indicates how to overcome temptations and trials, how to look at the tortures of a loved one, as well as how to emerge as a more stable and mentally rich person after every tough call... Please believe me, it’s a path for the chosen few... In this very book, you touched on the themes that define human life... the order, in which you mounted the stairs of life is very important... in fact, you did it step by step, without skipping. You sure have turned a divine spark into the fire... your amazing definition of leadership as not leaving someone behind you, but being independent... It is also interesting when you say that there is no complete independence, and the higher the career growth is, the greater is the limitation... Do you know why this happens? In my opinion, the more a person develops, the more he/she learns him-/herself and opens up new facets of his/her abilities... and these discoveries assume an even greater responsibility and impose even more restrictions... However, it does not come from outside and is not imposed. No, this is one’s conscious choice... this is exactly what freedom is... accordingly, this is not a restriction on freedom, but, on the contrary, the acquisition of freedom! I cannot help but mention those people whom you so lovingly mention in your book about Larisa Mikhailovna and Edik... the colourful days of your childhood are associated with them... In addition, your definition of a woman as a phenomenon, softness combined with strength is remarkable — it is indeed so... And, in the end, I will briefly touch on your writing style — you write for ordinary people in a form they understand, with humour and self-irony... I do believe that this book will be extremely interesting and useful for readers... you are a benefactor in life and remained so in literature... Thank you very much!

Thank you, Tatia! You are a profound person drawing the right conclusions. I do hope that you are also successful in your life! Sincerely, good luck!


I’ve read your book and visited your web-site, and I cannot help but express my admiration. You are a great man, heavensent for Georgia. I would love to meet you.

Thank you, Nana! Smart and beautiful women are a great rarity for Georgia! Unfortunately, they do their best to leave the country. You must be an exception! Good luck! I’m sure we will meet one day.


Good evening, Leonid Mikhailovich! Thanks for linking to the e-book, I’ve read it in one sitting… It is written not with the heart but with the soul, that much is certain… At first, it struck me that such books are published only after the author has passed away to a better world… Thank you for your frankness, it was an educational experience for me... However, I am still confused since I can’t come to understand how exactly this system can ever change? Thanks for your revelations and sharing your life experiences with that purity and tact of yours!!! In general, as a person who previously sympathized with you, I am glad that my intuition about your decency did not betray me!!! I wish you new inspirations and, of course, blessings to you and your family!

Thanks, Svetlana! This is what I would like to present to the reader!


Good afternoon! First of all, I would like to thank you for this book. The power of God is very great and it helped you... Reading books all the time might indeed have saved you... I am very impressed and today I love that guy from the street, who years later argued with the strictest of professors. Even my go-to book—Vitamins for the Mind by Jim Rohn seems worthless to me after your story. At first glance, it is quite simple, but in fact, it is very profound in its principle and it will definitely become my table-book! I will achieve everything, and then we will definitely see each other!

Dear Irma! I was very pleased with your warm review of my book! I did put my whole soul into it! Thank you very much for your warm and sincere words! Follow your dream, and I am sure you will definitely succeed with such strength of mind and such a perception of the world! I wish you all the best in your life! May the God bless you and your family!

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